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September 19 - 28

JFL42 is an interactive festival

JFL42 features the most hilarious, riveting, and cool comedy related things we could find over a 10-day period in Toronto. This year, we’re bringing you 3 mind-blowing headliners PLUS 42 equally awesome things. Remember that all your JFL42 festival needs can be accessed through your smartphone pass, allowing you to experience the festival both digitally and live. Yeah, we’re just kind of avant-garde like that.

One pass gets you access to all this:

  • Really cool stars
  • Up and coming stars (trust us)
  • Internet sensations
  • Innovative thinkers
  • Art school dropouts
  • and more

Your Pass

(The thing in your hand)

Not that we wanna question your beliefs or anything, but your smartphone is smarter than you think it is. It already connects you to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but during JFL42, your phone will be doing all of that and WAY more. It’s your ticket to get into the shows. It’s your reservation system. It’s your itinerary. It’s your check-in system. It’s how we’ll contact you for updates and how you’ll interact with the 42. It’s also how you’ll call a cab to get you home at the end of the night.

Do It Up!

Buy your pass by picking the headliner(s) you want to see and we’ll give you 4 credits that you can use to reserve other exciting shows. No more spots available to the show you want to see? Don’t worry... just add this show to your wishlist. If enough keeners wishlist the same show, we’ll either move it to a bigger venue or ADD ANOTHER SHOW! Just log into your “MY JFL42” account to retrieve your barcode and get it scanned at the door. Voila! You’re in. It’s as easy as...we don’t have a fun one-liner for this one. It’s just easy.


If you want to cheat the system and get unlimited credits (and go to an unlimited amount of shows), make sure you check in to the show one hour before to one hour after showtime. You’ll get your credit back and you’ll impress your friends by being somewhere really cool.

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